The Cincinnati Bearcats Will Win the AAC Conference Title in 2014


Honestly, I don’t think this is that bold of a prediction. Louisville has left the conference. UCF has lost some ground with their ground game. Another blogger has gone so far as to articulate ten specific reasons the Bearcats will win.  

While I tend to agree with Mr. Cox, I think the reasons are far more simple:

(1) Much of the top talent and teams have been extracted by conference realignment.

Which is fine. I’m not bitter. Like at all.

Pitt, Louisville, and Rutgers have gone on to greener pastures. I promise not to laugh too hard when the Panthers stumble and stammer their way through the ACC. If we’re honest, Rutgers couldn’t even compete in the former Big East (RIP underestimated conference), so they are bound to flop in the B1G.

Enjoy that northeast market B1G! I’m sure a ton of people will tune into that Rutgers / Northwestern match-up. Nothing draws ratings quite like watching a sub-par B1G team beat up on a woeful Rutgers squad.  See bitter disclaimer above.

The Bearcats will have plenty of chances to prove their strength this year. Maybe you’ve heard that they play a certain team up north (See Ohio State’s schedule September 27, 2014).

(2) Tommy Tuberville

He is the class of the conference. He’s been around a lot of great teams and programs. It takes every good coach a little bit to get their feet beneath them. I trust him.

(3) Gunner

Get used to that name. He’s a beast. He will fill the seats. He will take us to great heights. He will compete for a Heisman.

Remember, you heard it here first.

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