All Eyes on Gunner

Matt Cashore – USA Today Sports

I cannot emphasize enough that the national media will be paying close attention to Gunner Kiel and the Cincinnati Bearcats this year.  Even though the Bearcats are not coming off a BCS-Bowl-Game-caliber last season, there are high expectations in Clifton and around the country for the highly-touted Kiel.  

As some of you may be aware, there is a supposed hierarchy of college football based largely upon tradition.  Because of that supposed hierarchy, the nation is shocked when coaches like Tommy Tuberville and quarterbacks like Gunner Kiel choose Cincinnati.  Well, what Cincinnati lacks in college football tradition, it makes up for in potential.  Cincinnati is a hotbed of high school football, and home to a lot of Bengals fans.  In other words, the city of Cincinnati knows football.  And I suspect this city is hungry for a team with a winning attitude to take the field at Paul Brown Stadium this fall.   

During the spring game, Kiel looked sharp, poised, and mature in the pocket.  With all of the attention, will he be able to carry this team into national contention?

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