Buckeye Nation Finally Acknowledging Bearcat Success – #Roadblock


Courtesy of elevenwarriors.com
Courtesy of elevenwarriors.com

Well, it’s been a long, long time coming…

But, tOSU Buckeyes are finally realizing that they’re going to have to pay attention to the Bearcats this season, and maybe even in future seasons.  Indeed, now that we’re on tOSU’s schedule September 27, there’s no dodging the Bearcats’ athleticism and coaching.  Prominent Ohio State blog, Eleven Warriors, recently discussed the Bearcats’ threat to tOSU this year and beyond.

The following quotes came directly from Eleven Warriors’s article:

“Tommy Tuberville’s Bearcats have the most realistic shot of beating the Buckeyes since Toledo in 2011….”

“Cincinnati’s been to 12 bowl games since 1997.”

“Ohio State’s never faced a big school roadblock in its own state.”

“Cincinnati as an ACC or Big 12 member could impact the Buckeyes’ stranglehold on top talent in the state.”

“…A shift could happen.”

“Cincinnati’s recent success is nothing to ignore.”

“During the BCS era, it [UC] played in more BCS games than seven SEC schools and was one of 30 schools to play in multiple BCS games (2009 Orange Bowl, 2010 Sugar Bowl).”

“The Bearcats have won or shared four conference titles in the past six years, more than Ohio State and tied for the most in the country during that span.”

“If you look at Cincinnati’s head-coaching names and notice the last four read Mark Dantonio, Brian Kelly, Butch Jones, Tommy Tuberville, it all begins making sense.”

“Tuberville left Texas Tech, a Big 12 school with a clear path to the playoff, for Cincinnati….”

It seems as though there is some legitimate trepidation in Columbus right now.  The Bearcats will face down one of the most storied programs in the nation on September 27.  A program that may no longer underestimate the Bearcats.


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