Holy Toledo – A Preview of the Bearcats Home-Opener

Photo Credit: The Enquirer/Tony Jones
Photo Credit: The Enquirer/Tony Jones


The city of…well…what is Toledo famous for? I’m seriously asking.

I can state with confidence that Toledo is nothing like Detroit. So, there’s that.  Toledo is known as the Glass City due to their innovation surrounding glass products. Many notable celebrities come from Toledo. The full list is here. I think I recognized six. I’d be stunned if you can beat that.

That’s not to say Toledo doesn’t have it’s uses. It’s very helpful as a reference point in giving directions to Sandusky, the town that Chris Farley tries to save in this timeless classic. Sandusky is also the home of Cedar Point, a great amusement park. You should go. See? I’m already off topic about Toledo and on to something else.

If you look at the Bearcats’ schedule, you’ll find a school at the top with the abbreviation “UT.” However, instead of relentless ballads of “Rocky Top” and “Go Vols” blaring from every direction, this UT is the University of the Glass City– home of the Rockets, and a potential thorn in the side of the Bearcats.

On Friday September 12th, the Rockets get to travel to the Queen City to face the Bearcats in their home-opener. And our city is loaded with real celebrities. Like George Clooney! And this guy (a rabid Bearcats fan). I digress.

Toledo went 7-5 last year, and none of the five losses could be considered a “bad” loss. The five losses (Florida, Missouri, Ball State, Northern Illinois, and Akron) include the best competition in the MAC (their conference) and two powerhouse non-conference teams. In fact, Toledo has been a very competitive team over the past two seasons (including 2012).

This fall, the Bearcats get their chance to make a strong statement in their first game against an inexperienced (at least in the skill positions) Toledo squad. The Rockets lost their top rusher, receiver and QB to graduation last year. The Bearcats will be the third matchup of the season for the Rockets, but the first road test as they travel to Paul Brown on September 12. If a true leader doesn’t emerge under center for the Rockets, there should be no question as to the outcome of the game.

But, please don’t think the game is worthless. It’s not. Cincinnati is not only trying to win games, but to win the hearts and minds of recruits throughout Ohio. Toledo, for better or worse, is in Ohio. The Bearcats might as well make a statement the first game of the season.

As an aside, I read this editorial from the Toledo Free Press and I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry.  Go Bearcats.  Go Cincinnati.

Guest Contributor: B. Shelley

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