Where Does QB Ross Trail’s Trail Lead? Is He #BearcatBound?

Ross Trail

Sorry for the terrible pun in the article title; I couldn’t resist.  It seems as though quarterbacks always have catchy names (another pun).

Ross Trail is no different.  Trail is a 6’2″, 3-star quarterback from Wynne, Arkansas.  He has been offered by Ohio State, Louisville, and Memphis, among others.

It was originally reported that Trail wanted to go to Ole’ Miss; however, that has not quite panned out.  Now, other recruiting services are “crystal-balling” him to the Bearcats.  Tuberville may have the upper hand in wooing Trail to the Bearcats.  Tuberville is from Camden, Arkansas – just a hop, skip, and a jump from Trail’s hometown of Wynne.  In addition, Tuberville coached Ole’ Miss and may know how to best poison the Mississippi well.

So, does he land with the Bearcats?  Time will tell.  Meantime, the video below should orient you to Trail:

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