The Tuberville Coaching Family Tree Flourishes

AP Photo - Chris O'Meara
AP Photo – Chris O’Meara

For the record, Tommy Tuberville is a good person.  ESPN recently ran an article about the coaching prowess of Duke University’s Derek Jones.  The article describes a moment in Jones’ life where Tuberville intervened with some words of wisdom. 

According to the story, Jones was at a crossroads in his playing career and was on the verge of making a decision whether to join the Dallas Cowboys for a minicamp tryout.  Jones asked Tuberville for advice, and he shared some uncomfortable and encouraging truths with Jones. 

Tuberville told him that his playing days were likely over (bad news for Jones).  But that he should be coaching in light of his talent for selling(encouraging news for Jones).  And the rest, as they say, is history.

Jones started coaching under Tuberville at Ole Miss, but has flourished in his coaching and recruiting role at Duke.  Many suspect Jones will become a head coach some day soon.

I continue to be grateful for his decision to coach the Bearcats.  I hope his legend grows in this city by the river. 

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