Buckeye Nation Desperately Hopes Alabama Does Not Play Cincinnati at Nippert

Photo Credit: Patrick Smith - Getty Images
Photo Credit: Patrick Smith – Getty Images

The Buckeye blogs are at it again.  If you recall, the ubiquitous Eleven Warriors blog recently wrote an article about the up-and-coming Bearcat football program.  Based on the tone sounding from Buckeye Nation, it is evident that the worst thing that could happen to the city of Columbus is for a powerful football tradition to continue developing in the city of Cincinnati.  I’ll let Buckeye Nation speak for itself:

“You know who the true loser of an Alabama at Cincinnati game would be? Ohio State. Either Alabama frolics within 110 miles of Columbus and in a Midwest recruiting hotbed, or Cincinnati pulls an upset akin to Appalachian State over Michigan…I will be furious with UC if this happens.”

Allow me to simplify Buckeye Nation’s tortured logic.  If Alabama rolls into Nippert and wins, then Ohio State loses recruits to Alabama because the SEC juggernaut would win north of the Mason-Dixon line.  Worse yet, if Cincinnati beats Alabama, the recruits…stay in the Queen City and take the nation by storm from Clifton. 

Whatever Buckeye Nation’s bizarre perspective may be, it’s nice to know the Bearcats have surfaced on Ohio State’s radar.  And on September 27th, the Bearcats will stroll into Ohio Stadium, probably something like this…

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