The Drumbeat of Conference Realignment Continues – West Virginia Blogger Wants #Bearcats in Big 12

Photo Credit: West Virginia Illustrated
Photo Credit: West Virginia Illustrated

Cincinnati is marvelous in the summer.  The Reds, the Ohio River, Kings Island, the Zoo, Museum Center, Downtown, parks and recreational opportunities abound.  Yet this fall, the Bearcats will be playing in the wrong conference.  So, despite my affection for this summer, I can’t help but point out the fly at the picnic.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again loud enough until someone listens: the University of Cincinnati belongs in one of the power conferences.  I know it.  You know it.  Rutgers knows it.

Now, another member of the Big 12 community has continued the discussion I described last week.  A West Virginia blogger has argued, quite well, for the Bearcats inclusion:

“The Big 12’s best place to find expansion candidates is…the newly minted American Athletic Conference, specifically…the Cincinnati Bearcats.”

“Cincinnati’s past decade has been the best on the field since the program’s first year in 1885 with six seasons with nine or more wins and appearances in five straight bowl games, including two BCS bowl berths in 2009 and 2010.”

“Central Florida and Cincinnati would not only expand the Big 12’s footprint farther east into two recruiting rich states, but also bring more television viewers with the No. 18 and No. 35 largest television markets in the United States, respectively.”

“Two new members for the Big 12 could likely allow for renegotiations of their television contracts with ESPN and Fox Sports for more revenue with the addition of a conference championship game at the end of the regular season.”

I’m not sure that I could have said it better myself.  I will, though, over and over again.  That is, until one of the power conferences gives Cincinnati its rightful spot.  

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