Kilpatrick Snubbed; Buckeyes Being Buckeyes; Black Bear on the Loose – Brian’s Five Friday #HotTakes – June 27, 2014

Photo Credit: David Kohl/USA Today
Photo Credit: David Kohl/USA Today

Like sand through the hourglass, these are the humid days our lives.   Hopefully you’ve had a decent week, and this little piece of prose will usher you into your weekend plans nicely.  Thanks for tuning in, Bearcat faithful.

Today, I feel like the fall football season is light years away.  Don’t get me wrong, I like baseball.  I just lack the stamina to stay interested in baseball over the long, long haul of the season.  I also like World Cup soccer, assuming the USMNT is playing and they are actually competitive.  However, nothing rivals the college football season, in my humble patriotic opinion.

The good news – this summer season, too, shall pass.  Which leads to my fresh five…

1. Another Buckeyes Blog Previews the Cincinnati Game.

I’ve never understood why Ohio State fans like to hate on the University of Cincinnati.  Ohio State clearly has the years of tradition, including Heisman winners and national championships.  But now I finally understand.  The worst thing for Buckeye recruiting is Bearcat on-field success.

Recently, I reported on the possibility that Alabama may play Cincinnati in the re-opening of Nippert.  Well, nothing terrifies the Buckeyes more than that game coming to fruition.  What Cincinnati high school athlete wouldn’t want play for a school that competes against a team like Alabama?  I’m really hoping Tuberville reaches into his bag of tricks to make this happen.

In other news, another Buckeye blogger has previewed the Cincinnati game.  He had the following observations:

“The Bearcats are looking forward to what could be a special season.”

“Kiel will be the best qb they [Buckeyes] will face in the first four games and will actually be one of the best they may face all season.”

 It’s June 27th today.  The Bearcats play the Buckeyes September 27th.  That’s just about 3 months from now.

2. Caleb Ashworth Is #BearcatBound; Jon Octeus May Be #BearcatBound.

Caleb Ashworth is a beast.  He ran a 4.51 and a 4.54 40-yard-dash at Wake Forest’s camp last week.  I like everything about this recruit, especially what the local press are saying about him.  His high school football coach, Buddy Brown (great name!), said: “He’s going to make a name for himself, I promise you that.”

Meantime, Colorado State transfer, Jon Octeus, is considering his options.  He’s looking at UCLA and Missouri, in addition to the University of Cincinnati.  I’m hoping he chooses the Bearcats.  He would have an immediate impact here in a city that loves college basketball.

3. Mick Cronin Stays at the #BearcatHelm.

Mick Cronin will stay as the basketball coach of the University of Cincinnati.  Cronin’s name was floated as a possible candidate for other programs.  But Cronin is Cincinnati.  He’s from here.  He loves it here.  And in the wake of Huggins’ departure and the subsequent fall-out, Cronin has proved himself to be stable and steady.  I’m glad he’ll be stalking the sidelines of 5/3rd for a few more years.

4. Sean Kilpatrick Goes Undrafted, But Joins Long List of Talented Players That Went Undrafted.

Last night was disappointing for Bearcat fans as Sean Kilpatrick was not chosen in the first two rounds of the 2014 NBA Draft.  However, there are a number of players that went undrafted, yet have had a huge impact on the NBA.  They include: Jeremy Linn, J.J. Barea, Raja Bell, Udonis Haslem, Darrell Armstrong, Bruce Bowen, Avery Johnson, Ben Wallace, and John Starks…

SK was recently listed among other notable undrafted players.

5. There’s a Bear on the Loose in the Queen City…And He’s on Twitter.

Local news reports indicate that a black bear is on the loose in the Cincinnati area.  He has been spotted in parts of Clermont County and yesterday in Montgomery.  Better yet, this bear has his own twitter account.  And he’s funny.

Stay safe, Cincinnati.

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