More Vitriol from Buckeye Nation Against the Bearcats

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Is there no end to the consummate player-hating going on in Columbus right now?

Look, I get it, Columbus. You don’t have a professional baseball team. You don’t have a professional football team. Your river, the “mighty” Olentangy, is less-than-picturesque. You’re upset because despite being the capital city, you’re being upstaged by the city of Cincinnati (which is hip and happening right now) and Cleveland (which just landed the GOP 2016 Convention and Lebron).

Even so, I think it’s time for you to leave the Bearcats alone. Big brother isn’t supposed to obsess with little brother, right?

Recently, prominent Ohio State blog, Eleven Warriors, continued its diatribe against all things University of Cincinnati. The folks at Eleven Warriors ran an article that suggested that it would be an “uphill climb” for the University of Cincinnati to gain admission to the Big 12 conference (or another power conference). Instead, according to the article, the Big 12 should add South Florida and Central Florida.

I did a little research to review the blog cited as the source for such a conclusion. There are a couple of problems with Eleven Warriors’ logic. First, it’s just too convenient for Ohio State fans to argue for this. For purposes of recruiting southwest Ohio, tOSU needs the University of Cincinnati to have a suspect conference home; they need the Bearcats to stay in the AAC. However, that plan may blow up in their face. If UC becomes the dominant force in the AAC year after year, their brand may actually gain regional and national prominence. Second, Eleven Warriors went out of its way to find this article. The blog source, Sports Politico, is not the most trusted source in the sports news business.

While I refuse to dignify the merits of the article’s conclusions for obvious reasons, I would simply highlight that UC can compete nationally on the basketball court and the football field. Immediately. 

The bottom line is that there is no bottom to the reservoir of unmerited ill will from certain members of the Buckeye community. Go Cincinnati! Go Bearcats!

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