Xavier University Expropriates Cincinnati Skyline for New Court

Xavier Court

Listen, I understand that Xavier University’s address is technically in the city of Cincinnati.  But, come on, it’s really in Norwood.  

I think every fair-minded person in the city understands that the University of Cincinnati is located in the heart of the city of Cincinnati.  And if any school best captures the spirit of the Queen City, it is the University of Cincinnati.  I cannot point to any polls, but I suspect Bearcat fans outnumber Musky fans 2-1 locally. 

Nevertheless, I’ll stop short of articulating all of the reasons the design is improper, out of line, immoral.  Instead, I’ll allow social media to continue rejecting this expropriation of the Cincinnati skyline…

The Bearcat faithful speak, er tweet…


2 thoughts on “Xavier University Expropriates Cincinnati Skyline for New Court

  1. Cincinnati is our city, too, you clown.

    U-Clifton is a commuter school. Xavier University is a destination school. 3/5ths Empty Arena is a dump. Cintas Center is a gem.

    U-Clifton captures the spirit of its dangerous, crime-ridden surroundings. Xavier represents the Queen City far better than U-Clifton does.

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