NFL Week One Round-Up

Photo Credit: Philadelphia Eagles     - Hunter Martin
Photo Credit: Philadelphia Eagles – Hunter Martin

Sorry for the long delay in writing/editing.  I switched jobs, so…

Okay, end of excuses; moving along.  This week, we wanted to bring you an update on how some of your favorite former Bearcats performed on Sunday and Monday Night.

Playing for the hometown Bengals, Kevin Huber (P) had a good return to the regular season after experiencing a season-ending injury at the hands of everyone’s favorite team to hate, the Steelers. Against the Ravens, Huber was called upon four times, pinning the Ravens inside their own 20 three times.

In Philadelphia there will never be a shortage of Bearcats to talk about as four former players suit up in green each week. Jason Kelce (C), Brent Celek (TE), Connor Barwin (LB/DE), and Trent Cole (LB/DE) all play a large role on offense and defense for the Eagles, and played no small part yesterday. The Eagles had the comeback of the day rallying from a 17-point deficit at halftime to win 34-17.  Brent Celek had 3 catches for 15 yards, but played a large part (as he always does) in blocking downfield. Jason Kelce held the o-line strong in the second half and had a huge block on this touchdown run.

Connor Barwin contributed two tackles to the Eagles effort. However, Trent Cole made the largest impact with four tackles and a game-sealing forced fumble against Jaguars quarterback Chad Henne, which was picked up and returned for a touchdown. A lot of the attention is going to Fletcher Cox and rightly so for a nice return of the fumble, but you can see Cole streak in and make the play possible here.

Guest Contributor: Brad Shelley

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