Bearcats in the NFL Round-up – Week 4 Edition

Photo Credit: Howard Smith/US Presswire
Photo Credit: Howard Smith/US Presswire

It was a light week for Bearcats in the NFL. Both the Bengals and the Broncos had bye weeks. However, and since we published the last round-up, Kevin Huber was named Punter of the Week for the second consecutive week.

The Eagles did not fare well this week as they lost to the 49ers and failed to score a single offensive touchdown. Connor Barwin had his best game of the season, though, managing five solo tackles, a sack, and two additional hits on the ever-elusive Colin Kaepernick.

Unfortunately for the Eagles (and for Bearcat fans), the Eagles offense may be without a key component for the next two months – Jason Kelce. When Kelce left the game against the Redskins with an abdominal injury, many assumed he would be back within a week. Unfortunately, that jolt to his abdomen aggravated an existing hernia that has been troubling him for two years, necessitating a surgery. The Eagles’ offensive line has already been decimated by injuries this year.  And Kelce has received a lot of credit for leading the make shift/patchwork offensive line.  Now that Kelce is out, the Eagles will have to look elsewhere for leadership.

As for the Monday night game, we had one Bearcat playing, and it’s a guy we talk about every week. Is anyone else sick of hearing of Travis Kelce yet? We certainly aren’t. Kelce represents the C on a weekly basis. With Alex Smith helping him along, Kelce was without question the superior tight end in a game that included Rob Gronkowski. He was the leading receiver for the Chiefs, hauling in 8 passes for 93 yards and a touchdown. If you haven’t had the opportunity to sit and watch a Chief’s game yet, please do so. If you’re so inclined watch Kelce do work here, or here.

Last, if you’re a fantasy football fan, I hope you weren’t caught sleeping on Kelce…

Guest Contributor: Brad Shelley


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