Recap of the Game Against the Miami Hurricanes

I made sure to DVR the game this morning when I awoke from my slumber. After returning home from the gym with a Jersey Mike’s giant sub in tow, I was excited to watch the game and fast-forward through the commercials. With Gunner Kiel sucking-up the bruised ribs, the Bearcats had new found hope.

As a side note, I also have to admit the white jersey, red pants, and white helmet with chrome red decals is my favorite combination of the year. The jagged, rough center stripe is very slick, and I am glad to see Adidas is still giving the Bearcats some love despite conference realignment and their current win-loss record (cough, cough).

As you may recall, my keys to the game defensively were to limit #8 Duke Johnson and the Miami running game. In the end, UC gave up 335 yards on the ground. Miami collectively averaged 9.6 yards a carry (and 11.4 yards a pass, for comparison)! Commercials were not the only thing I fast-forwarded on this afternoon. Jeff Luc is playing his heart out, and leading the country in tackles. However, the other 10 players on defense are simply not producing results. This defense is painful to watch, and again did not possess a pulse. Offensively, UC can score on anyone. The team protected Kiel exceptionally well, and gave him time to operate in the pocket. Given that we are now on a third-string and freshman running back, UC also established a subtle threat of a run game. Regardless, the offense cannot be expected to outscore the team defense every Saturday. Kiel did throw 3 interceptions. However, this has to be expected if the team is to solely rely upon his arm through the air against quality top-20 defenses, like Miami.

One thing that is getting lost here is team injuries. Fox Sports aired a very telling graphic early on during the game of the following injuries:

  1. Safety Jeremy Graves – out for season
  2. Starting running back Tion Green – out for season
  3. Cornerback John James – out for season
  4. Receiver Tshumbi Johnson – out for season
  5. Starting right tackle Cory Keebler – out for season
  6. Running Back Rob Rice – out for season
  7. Starting running back Hosey Williams – out for a month
  8. Offensive Lineman Kyle Williamson – out for season

Next up – SMU Next Saturday the Bearcats travel to SMU to face the Mustangs at 3:30 pm EDT. The game is airing on CBS Sports Network. The Mustangs are winless on the season, 0-5 in all. The team showed potential against East Carolina, will be playing at home, and will be coming off of a bye week.

Nevertheless, this should be a great chance for the Bearcats to get back on track. Excluding the East Carolina game, the Mustangs have scored a whopping 12 points this season. Including the East Carolina game, they have scored 36 on the year. On average, SMU is giving up 50 points and scoring 7. Respectfully, SMU is as bad as it gets on both sides of the ball. Forgive me for the brevity, but at least the Bearcats will win big next week! By Technical Writer: Andy Smith

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