Week 7 in College Football – What Did We Learn?

Photo Credit: galleryhip.com
Photo Credit: galleryhip.com

-As for the Bearcats, we didn’t learn anything new………… However, the conference championship is still within their realistic grasp.

-East Carolina controls its own destiny.

-The two best teams in the country reside in the state of Mississippi. Mark your calendars for November 29, 2014. That game is going to be one hell of an Egg Bowl between Mississippi State and Ole Miss. In fact, I am going to go out on a limb to say the Egg Bowl means MORE than the Iron Bowl this year. And that is coming from someone who was lucky enough to make the trip to Auburn to witness last year’s Iron Bowl in person.  Right now, Egg Bowl tickets are about as expensive Iron Bowl tickets.

-Speaking of the Iron Bowl, Alabama has problems and needs to figure it out on offense and special teams before Nick Saban’s head literally EXPLODES! Apparently, Lane Kiffin really does ruin everything he touches. 

-Michigan won a game.

-Next week two pretenders walk into Tallahassee and one playoff contender walks away. I’m picking Florida State scoring big over the Irish. 

Swag of the Week goes to the might Akron Zips…


-If the Playoffs Were Tomorrow:

      • Florida State
      • Mississippi State
      • Ole Miss
      • Baylor

By Technical Writer: Andy Smith 

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