The Future of Ralph David Abernathy IV


Let’s face it. When Tommy Tuberville arrived on campus, #1 Ralph David Abernathy (“RDA IV”) vanished. Plays have not been designed for RDA IV in space, and he lost his role as the kick and punt returner. Apparently, he has also been facing several nagging injuries this year that have kept him off the field enabling him to take a medical red-shirt this year to preserve one more year of eligibility. 

His brother, Micah Abernathy, rated as a 4-star defensive back out of Atlanta is now committing to Butch Jones’ Tennessee Volunteers. As everyone knows, Butch also originally recruited RDA IV to UC and coached him for two years. 

RDA IV will be graduating from UC in December, giving him the opportunity to transfer and immediately play ball at another school next year under NCAA rules while also earning a graduate degree. Rumors are circulating RDA IV will be leaving to join his brother at Tennessee. When questioned, his mother of course denied such statements, but let’s face it – this is not only a rumor, but also a logical step in the career of RDA IV. It is clear he will not be heavily utilized in the UC offense or special teams anytime soon. 

Whatever happens, I have enjoyed watching the 5-7, 160 lb. speedster during his years as a Bearcat as shown in this highlight video:

By Technical Writer: Andy Smith

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