Week 8 in College Football – What Did We Learn?

  • As for the Bearcats, we got a W! They also are beginning to play a bit of defense. 
  • East Carolina still controls its own destiny. 
  • The referees officiating the WVU v. Baylor game need flagged for racking up countless questionable pass interference calls, reviewing a non-reviewable play, and issuing 32 flags for 353 yards. 
  • Dana Holgorsen and WVU are starting to get their act together in the Big XII. #11 Kevin White is a monster at the wide out position. 
  • Baylor is still the best team in Texas. It has been this way for quite some time, but still seems strange to see in writing. 
  • Watch out for Bill Snyder and K-State. If they didn’t self-implode against Auburn they would be undefeated right now. For context, last year at this time, Miami (FL) and Louisville were ranked in the top 10…… 
  • Alabama is angry. 
  • Kentucky is who we thought they were — a team that hit a lucky streak.  Now, back to the hardwoods kitty cats.
  • Brian Kelly is back to calling offensive plays. That coupled with the new found speed and talent on the defensive side of the ball means Notre Dame can now compete with anyone. 
  • Where has Stanford gone? The Pac 12 continues to self-implode. Utah is quietly becoming a very good team, and having lots of games at odd times out on the west coast. 
  • If the Playoffs Were Tomorrow:
    • Florida State
    • Mississippi State
    • Ole Miss
    • Notre Dame 
  • Swag of the Week goes to Northwestern for these gothic uniforms.

NWestern Swag

By Technical Writer: Andy Smith

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