AAC Forecast – In Week 10, Some Stumbled; Others Found Their Legs


This week created a whole lot of uncertainty and havoc in the AAC. Thanks to a little rain and home field advantage, Temple upset East Carolina and UConn (yes UConn) got their first AAC win in two years, giving UCF their first AAC loss since joining the conference.

So what does all of this mean? Cincinnati, Memphis, Houston, East Carolina, and UCF are tied atop the AAC with one loss.  Remaining schedules are as follows:

  • Cincinnati: East Carolina, @ Connecticut, @ Temple, Houston.
  • Memphis: @ Temple, @ Tulane, South Florida, UConn.
  • Houston: Tulane, Tulsa, @ SMU, @ Cincinnati.
  • East Carolina: @ Cincinnati, Tulane, @ Tulsa, UCF.
  • UCF: Tulsa, SMU, @ South Florida, @ East Carolina.

Out of these schedules, Memphis actually has the most favorable road ahead, already beating UC and not facing East Carolina or UCF. Temple on the road is the toughest game remaining for the Tigers. East Carolina still has to come to Paul Brown Stadium to face UC after a bye week, and play UCF to end the season.  However, anything can happen as shown by the outcome of this past weekend.

With a win over East Carolina, a Memphis loss, and a little help, the Bearcats certainly have a good chance for winning their first AAC title.

I truly wonder what thought, if any, went into scheduling this season.  Which leads me to pen the following open letter to the AAC…

Dear AAC Powers That Be: 

UC STILL has not been granted the privilege of playing UCF since the inception of the AAC! Logically, wouldn’t we expect UCF and UC to be the two best teams year in and year out?  The Bearcats did win the 2008, 2009, 2011, and 2012 Big East conference titles, making it to two BCS bowl births.  Wouldn’t it make sense to have these teams play every year in the middle of the season or as the last game of the year as a de facto conference championship game since the AAC has 11 members and does not have a championship game?

How does a team like Memphis get to avoid playing both East Carolina and UCF? Sure you didn’t expect Memphis to win a non-basketball related conference title, but still!

P.S. please get better announcers for any games airing on CBS Sports.

Sorry readers, had to get that off my chest.  Finally, below is a list of the bowls the AAC is affiliated with this year.

+Birmingham Bowl

Birmingham, Ala. – vs. SEC

+Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl

St. Petersburg, Fla. – vs. ACC

+Miami Beach Bowl

Miami, Fla. – vs. BYU

+Military Bowl presented by Northrop Grumman

Annapolis, Md. – vs. ACC

+Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl

Fort Worth, Texas – vs. Army/Big 12

By Technical Writer: Andy Smith

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