Method to the Madness: AAC Conference Championship Game and Divisional Play for 2015

Memphis and UCF have both already secured a share of the AAC conference championship. UC has the chance to join them as conference co-champions with a win against Houston on Saturday.

Somehow the powers that be failed to schedule a game involving UCF and Cincinnati not only last year, but also this year. The result is that UC and UCF could be conference co-champions without ever playing each other! This just simply does not make any sense. The Central Florida Future hits the nail on the head.

Starting next year the AAC will have East and West divisions as follows:

AAC Alignment

According to the ACC’s official press release, each team will play a total of eight conference games, facing the other five teams in its own division as well as three from the other division, ensuring that each school will play every conference opponent at home and on the road at least once in a four-year cycle. The division winners will play for the conference title at the home site of the highest ranked divisional champion.

That means, of course, that UC and UCF will finally play one another next year (and every year after that)! This is great news for the conference since UC and UCF are two of the foremost perennial powers in the conference. UC, UCF, and ECU will likely flirt for the championship game every year, and we look forward to watching and attending these heated battles.

By Andy Smith (Technical Writer)

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