Another Sexy Big 12 Rumor Involving UC and Memphis

It’s no secret the University of Cincinnati will be in the next “group” of schools to be swooped up by the power five conferences, but exactly who will add them and when?

In yet another report, this time by ESPN Radio in Nashville and ESPN 92.9, the word around the campfire is that the Big 12 will add UC and Memphis this offseason.

Why does it appear the Big 12 is so anxious to expand compared to the other power five members?

The Big 12 currently has just ten teams. Umm what? There are rumors the conference wants to add two teams. Then there would actually be 12 teams in the conference known as the Big 12.

Also, a 12-team composition would allow the conference to have two divisions, and importantly, a conference championship game at the end of the year. While no one understands how the brilliant playoff selection committee makes their selections and rankings, it certainly is rational to think a conference with an extra conference title game like all the other power five conferences has a better chance of getting a team into the playoff and serves as an essential resume builder.

By Andy Smith (Technical Writer)

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