Brian’s Tweetcap and Observations From the Bearcats’ Game Against Larry Brown’s SMU

I’ll begin with my takeaways, and then the tweets (in reverse chronological order)…

Just four points to make.  First, Larry Davis is a good coach and good person.  You’ve read articles to that effect on our site, but he led that young team (albeit with Mick up in the metaphoric press box helping) to a strong conference win.  I saw a number of plays break for the Bearcats because he put the guys in the right spots.  I also discovered that Gary Clark’s Clifton-shattering dunk occurred because Coach Davis turned him onto the opportunity in the huddle.

And Coach Davis is handling this transition and his newfound coaching duties responsibly.  He continues to acknowledge Coach Cronin’s contributions to the culture and this team – which is appropriate.  And he continues to enjoy his unsolicited role as the coach during games and practices.  Last, he’s a heck of a nice guy to interview and be around.

Second, this young team fights.  All game.  Every game, so far.  Octavius Ellis, Gary Clark, and Coreontae DeBerry fight for every rebound and loose ball.  No one should underestimate the value of having bigs that compete.  UC has a rich history of big men performing and underperforming – no name-calling necessary.  I’m glad these guys have performed so far.  And competed.

Third, the future is really bright for this team.  I haven’t even mentioned Farad Cobb.  He was unconscious during the second half.  He can create and take advantage of open looks.  And he’ll be back next year.  As will every one of these guys, excluding Sanders and Guyn.  I’m not trying to overlook this year, but as President Ono would say, “Just sayin’.”

Fourth, this team is a top 25 team.  They should be nationally ranked.  They have earned it.  Now, the tweets.

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  1. Thanks for the Tweetcap! I love getting to scwoll thwough your tweets again here wafter I’ve alweady scwolled thwough them on Twitter! When is this website going to start covering Xavier University athletics?

    – X∂vier ßøb

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