The Bearcats Forecasted As 8 Seed for March Madness

It’s never too early for a little bracketology, right?  The CBS Sports’ Rampant-and-Wanton-Speculation-Machine fired up yesterday, as Jerry Palm released his bracket predictions.  He listed Cincinnati as an 8 seed (East), Temple as an 8 seed (South), and SMU as a 10 seed (South).  UCONN is conspicuously absent from his Madness predictions.  To see the full bracket, click here.

On another note, when the heck will the Cats be ranked in the Top-25?  Right now they are #34 in all the land.  Their RPI is currently .6024.  With a 10-3 record with wins over San Diego State, NC State, and SMU, and a 40th ranked strength of schedule, I think it’s about time!  UC’s only losses came from notable teams, including Ole Miss (early stumble), VCU (team learned Cronin was out an hour before tipoff), and Nebraska (double OT by 1 point).

By Andy Smith

3 thoughts on “The Bearcats Forecasted As 8 Seed for March Madness

  1. Who is Jerry Palms? Does he have a sister named Rosie? I heard BFoxRadio likes Ole Piss tonight against No. 1 ranked Kentucky. Bubby says Jay from the serial podcast made better calls. Who is Nick Cannon’s favorite college basketball team? The Kentucky Wild ‘n Out Cats! In his new book, John Calipari compared the NCAA to the Soviet Union for failing to change with the times. In my new book, I compare John Calipari to a college basketball coach who breaks NCAA rules by paying college basketball players. Bubby says he can’t wait to see Entourage, the movie. When is this website going to start covering Xavier University athletics?

    – X∂vier Bøb

  2. 8th seed!? Maybe…They better watch out for a team better than its record: UConn. The Huskies aren’t what they were a year ago, but this is a 22-win team with an 18-win record by tourney time.
    I’m looking forward to January 29th, when UCONN comes to town. Go Cats!

    And keep an eye on Tulane. Their record is not indicative of a group that’s established itself of being one of the five best teams in the conference this season

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