Tweetcap and Extras from the Big Victory over Houston

This week’s Tweetcap features some extras for you real fans.  You’ll see a couple stirring renditions of “Oh Varsity!” and you’ll see a Vine of Tobler missing a three.  Does it get any better than that?  For free?  Didn’t think so.

As for my take on last night, I think we played half a game of basketball and we are lucky that Houston is bad.  We cannot do that against UConn or SMU or Tulane or Tulsa.  I cannot believe I just referenced Tulsa in an article.  Oh well, I guess we are mired in the American Athletic Conference until someone reliably says otherwise.

The game started slow for UC.  Painfully slow.  But it picked up in the second half as the Bearcats shot the ball well from the field, and really dominated the latter half of the game.  Below you’ll see how the Twitter machine handled the game.

By Brian Fox

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