An Inside Look at the Bearcats Press Conference Yesterday – No Tobler, No Cry

In addition to the preview that we provided yesterday, I wanted to provide our loyal readers with a few extras.  As an initial matter, I’d like to apologize to the Bearcat Nation.  I whet your appetite for an exclusive, all-access interview with Zack Tobler.

I do not know what happened to Mr. Tobler, but the timeline for the interview did not work out with his availability.  By the time the 3:30 PM practice had arrived, there were no signs of the local Covington Catholic athlete.

If you are saddened by this turn of events (as I imagine you may be), I encourage you to begin a twitter campaign.  Please tweet @Andre_UCSID, and let Andre “Foush” Foushee know that the Bearcat Nation loves Zack Tobler.

All kidding aside, I have two aims with Mr. Tobler.  One, I want to thank him.  As a walk-on for a top flight basketball program like UC, he has to compete all week, often for little playing time.  The bottom line is you cannot be a walk-on without being a team guy.  Plain and simple.  Two, I want to reward him for his contributions to the program by helping him build the Tobler brand.  I’m not sure how I’m going to go about this, but I’ll have a better idea once I figure out what makes the young lad tick.  In short, I’d like to keep Tobler trending so long as he keeps working hard to make his team better.  I’m hopeful that by the end of his senior year, the Tobler support from the stands and Cincinnati community reach a fever pitch.

While we couldn’t get Tobler, we did speak with Jermaine Sanders about his offensive output and Skyline Chili.  As you can see, nothing but hard-hitting questions that cut to the very marrow of an issue.

We also spoke with Coach Davis about the team’s progress.  Rather than link to the whole interview, I’ll share the important, and not-so important, parts…

Also, we caught some of WLWT Elise Jesse’s interview with Young Gary Clark.  Clark said that Octavius Ellis and Jermaine Sanders are role models for him.  He also spoke, ever-so-softly, about the overwhelming environment in Lincoln, Nebraska.

He said that while he was on the free throw line, Ellis was able to calm him down.  Recall that even though some of these towering athletes may be 6’7″, they are only 20 years old – as the stage gets bigger, they grow more unfamiliar.  Imagine yourself at 20.  Think you could control your emotions?  It’s great to see such leadership and personal investment from Ellis.

Last, I spoke with UC Baseball Coach Ty Neal yesterday.  We are going to sit down soon to discuss the upcoming season.  I would love for more members of the Bearcat community to begin investing in the baseball program.  I defy you to listen to the crack of the bat and the sounds of the ball hitting the mitt and not get excited.  The winter in Ohio is…well, awful.  As awful as the Big East is this year in basketball.  But, the signs of spring were sprouting in Clifton yesterday.

Have a great Saturday, all.  Peace.

By Brian Fox

PS, the Bearcat Nation has begun to arrive in Orlando…

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