What the Under Armour Deal Means for UC

UC leaves Adidas and begins its Under Armour era this July.  So what exactly does this mean to the school?

  • Credibility: UA is in the process of growing its college brand. They are gradually adding schools, including the likes of Notre Dame, Auburn, and South Carolina. UC is the 15th school to sign with UA. To be affiliated with this selective group of schools speaks volumes of how UA views UC’s brand potential.
  • Swag:  UA is known for unique and cutting edge clothing designs and out-of-the-box styles. Just think of what they’ve done to Maryland, whether you like it or not. UC will now be boasting apparel designs by these geniuses.  That means no more standard, boring Adidas designs or this crap.
  • Personal Touch: With just 15 school contracts, UA can and does take the time to make unique jerseys and clothing for each school, rather than creating standard designs across the board. Now everyone knows what Maryland’s state flag looks like if you’ve ever seen a Maryland football helmet. They took the time to incorporate Notre Dame’s slogans, campus buildings, and heritage in their football base layers. Just think of what UA can do with the C-paw, claw marks, Bearcat mascot, #hottestcollegeinamerica, McMicken Hall, Nippert Stadium, and so on. I think we are all excited to see the possibilities, including alternative uniforms. Maybe even grey-based uniforms?
  • Science and Technology: UA is also a leader in pushing the edge of sports science and technology. As just one small example in November UA purchased MapMyFitness. UA has already hinted at a future where UA athletes wear clothing that collects biometric data while they’re exercising. Data that can then be logged, crunched, and analyzed. This is an aspect Adidas never had in its arsenal.
  • Oh Yeah, And Money: It’s all about the Benjamins in today’s college sports. UC’s current contract with Adidas provides a base of $1.05 million in equipment and apparel allowance and $525,000 in cash. Under Armour will substantially increase UC’s bank account. The Portland Business Journal reports the UA deal is for 10 years, including more than $11 million in cash and $36 million in equipment, making it worth in excess of $47 million. UC will get $1 million in cash and $3.5 million in equipment in the first year alone.

So what do you think the UA deal brings to Clifton?

By Andy Smith

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