Bearcats, Dino-vision, Avery Peterson, and Boxing – Higher Ground

The Bearcats continued the hot slog through Camp Higher Ground today.  Guess who was in attendance?

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

Avery Peterson, LSU transfer and brother of NFL stud Patrick Peterson.

Yesterday I tweeted rumors of his imminent arrival.  About yesterday…

Wednesday’s practice featured a couple of NFL scouts on location, including the Cleveland Browns and San Francisco Forty-Niners.

I also observed the gravel-bellied defensive unit show signs of life.  The team was full pads, and the defensive players were finally allowed to hit, wrap up, and tackle the offensive players.  With the heat, close living conditions, and general aggressive disposition of most college football players, sparks flew and emotions ran high at times.  A couple of good-natured skirmishes erupted as the guys on each side of the ball started going at it.  It was fun to watch, and made me believe that this defensive unit might have the grit to play better than last season.  The question remains: will they have the depth, speed and talent to compete over the long haul?

After the players were allowed to hit, I heard Coach Prunty (or someone near Coach Prunty) shout “Got the gloves on today!” as a defensive unit was jogging off the field.  Make no mistake – this year’s team could include more than flash on the offensive side of the ball.  Time will tell.

Let’s talk about the offensive flash.  There’s a lot of it.  And they’re fast.  Gunner fast.  You’ll see soon enough.

On the tech end of things, the Bearcats have been working on some cool initiatives of late.  During this summer’s training regimen, many players wore training masks that restricted their air flow, much like ultra-marathoners use (kind of like one of these).  The coaching staff hopes that this kind of training will enable the team to push through tough fourth quarters.

The Bearcats also worked on their peripheral vision through “Dino-vision.”  While I cannot delve into the top-secret specifics (or needlessly imperil loyal readers), the dark room simulation has helped the Bearcats maintain the second lowest number of concussions in the country.  Cutting edge stuff taking place at the University of Cincinnati (#CincinnatiSmart).

All for now.  Go Bearcats!

By Brian Fox

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