Did Coach Cronin Call Calipari a Cheater?

There is a story circulating the internet, ESPN, SI, and the Sporting News that Coach Cronin and John Calipari got into a kerfluffle.  The guys on PTI ran a segment on it, even.  The story is linked here (to the KSR site).

According to legend, Calipari confronted Coach Cronin for spreading rumors about him cheating to steal recruit Marcus Teague.  Whether the whole story is accurate, I do not know.  What I can tell you is that, in my humble opinion, part of it is true – Calipari cheats.  Or at least the program and its hush-monied henchmen cheat.  All the time.  With every athlete schmoozed into Lexington.

Now, did Calipari have the bolas to confront Cronin (with a straight face) to defend his “integrity?”  Doubtful.

By Brian Fox

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