The Bearcats Inseparable Running Back Wolfpack

Camp Higher Ground is well under way and the Bearcats have an interesting problem at the running back position. Mike Boone came out of nowhere as a true freshman to start after Hosey Williams and Tion Green unfortunately got injured. In fact, during Boone’s freshman campaign he finished strong racking up 650 yards and 9 TD’s, while averaging 6.4 yards a touch. But what happens now that Green and Williams, the former starters, return from injury and are 100% ready to go?

​In discussing this unique issue with the coaching staff, and witnessing the three talented backs on and off of the fiend firsthand, it appears the RBs are taking the matter quite well. Boone, Green, and Williams are the best of friends.

“Inseparable” is the word I keep hearing used to describe their friendship. They hang out together all of the time away from practice. They joke around with each other, exchanging inside jokes like open field stutter steps. They even dress alike, apparently. Observing them, you can tell they’re brothers – they really care for each other.

No one is bitter or angry. However, don’t get me wrong, when the pads and helmets go on, they are as competitive as possible. All three have had a taste of the starting spot, and all three want to return to that role again. The players are happy and the competition creates progress and brings out the best among the guys.

So, what do you think? Is it fair for a player to lose his starting role due to injury? Do you start Williams because he is the senior, knowing that Green is a junior and Boone just a sophomore? Do you continue with Boone given how well he meshed with the offense as an 18 year-old right out of high school? Tion lit up the scrimmage yesterday. If he continues to dazzle, does he get the majority of the carries? Answering questions like these is the reason why Coach Tuberville gets paid the big bucks.

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