Oh They Fancy: Bearcats UA Uniforms Inspired by Concrete

Now that Under Armour has released the LONG-awaited UC football uniforms, let’s take a moment and review the background of these awesome creations.

  • The Bearcats will wear the black helmets, jerseys, and pants for home games.

UA 1

  • UC will wear the white helmets, jerseys, and pants for away games.

UA 2

  • Under Armour’s press release indicates a red uniform will also be introduced in time for the 2016-2017 season, but not this coming season.
  • The jerseys are built with Armourgrid technology, inspired by the engineering in reinforced concrete. Needless to say these things won’t tear or rip.
  • The compression shirt the players will wear underneath the jerseys and pads has the UC school motto and phrase on the City of Cincinnati flag emblazoned in a cool italic font, “juncta juvant.” This Latin phrase means strength in unity and is a perfect fit for the football squad. The phrase is also affixed to the bottom of the jerseys.

UA 3

  • The coolest, most detailed change is the creation of the “Cincinnati stripe.” The angles in the stripe where inspired by Clifton campus buildings, including the unique long, bright red staircase inside the Richard E. Lindner Center, as well as the new Nippert Stadium press box. The triangle shapes are inspired by the windows to the Richard E. Linder Center, which overlooks Nippert Stadium. The stripe is on the helmet, jerseys, pants, and gloves.

UA 4

  • The numbers on the jerseys are no longer in italics. The numbering uses the same Friz Quadrata font since 2008, but in bold font (how about that detail, huh?).  The numbers are no longer on the sleeves of the jerseys.  Instead, the numbers are on top of the shoulders.  The theory behind this change is that the new numbering is easier to see from the stands and on television.

UA 5

Maybe that’s more than the average sneakerhead wants to know, but I wanted you to have all the details.  You’re welcome.

By Andy Smith

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