Bearcats Opener and Re-Opening of Nippert Delayed by Rain

It was the best of times and the worst of times. Tonight, the pre-game atmosphere reached a fever pitch as the Clifton tailgates roared, the band led the revelers, and the student section (aka, the “rUCkus”) prepared for battle. 

First, images of the tailgate.  (5:30pm – 6:00 pm)

It was great being back in Clifton. The Bearcats community atmosphere was diffuse at Paul Brown last season, so it was great being back home. 

Inside the stadium the festivities were picking up, as well. Gunner was limbering up and the students were preparing for their duties. 


But then the rains came. Hard. The rain converted from a trickle to a deluge around 6:15 PM. Thunder and lightning followed. The students, undeterred, taunted the rain with chants and even broke into a spontaneous rendition of the National Anthem – a great bunch of patriots. 


To create memories, many members of the student section even jumped the fence and rushed onto the drenched field only to be led off, peacefully, by local law enforcement. 

(around 7:30pm)

For now, the game has been delayed with no start time in sight. 
By Brian Fox

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