It May Be Tough to Unring This Bell – Bearcats Only Lead RedHawks by 1 Point at Half

First, the atmosphere. The walk in was promising. The tailgate appeared so-so, and I expected an above average game experience. After all, it is a “rivalry” game. 



The stands are empty. Despite the game taking place on Miami’s homecoming, there are few RedHawk fans present at the actual game. After a poor effort at home last week against Temple, running out to empty stands in Oxford cannot be too inspiring. Maybe that’s why they played flat. About that…

The Bearcats looked strong on their first possession, scoring quickly. Then, the wheels fell off. 

The defense has struggled the whole half to stop Miami’s not-so-high-powered offense. The offense has played above average, but they’ve had to provided the 23 points Miami hung on the scoreboard. 

The rushing game, when it featured Tion Greene or Mike Boone, was humming. For whatever reason, Hosey Williams can’t seem to get any traction. 

Kiel was affective all half, but not sensational. He missed some deep routes. 

The Bearcats were favored by three touchdowns coming into today. At the half, and after a touchdown with less than a minute remaining, the Bearcats finally took the lead. 

It’ll be interesting to see what the second half looks like. The Bearcats, as you know, are coming off a tough home loss to Temple. 

By Brian Fox

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