Will There Be A Shake-up of Tuberville’s Coaching Staff?

As the Bearcat Nation is well aware, this football season did not go so well.  Most major media outlets predicted that UC would, minimally, win the AAC.  So, it would be an understatement to say that the Bearcats underperformed by finishing 7-6 (4-4 in the AAC), with an embarrassing loss to San Diego State in the Hawaii Bowl.

Many restless supporters are calling for a change within the program.  Some change.  Any change.

The Bearcats entered this season with a cadre of talented wide receivers, a great backfield, a highly-recruited quarterback, and (according to the preseason press) a serviceable defense.  However, an early loss at home to Temple started this team on a negative trajectory, and they never seemed to fully recover.

The fingers have been pointed at the players for not executing, the coaches for not developing players, and past coaching regimes for recruiting poorly.  So, honestly Bearcat Nation what’s next?  Does anyone know?

I’m hearing that the shake-up won’t be at the top.  There’s a long list of reasons as to why that’s the case, beginning with six letters (B-U-Y-O-U-T).  Instead, I’m hearing rumors that a number of coaches are on the chopping block, including the following:

  1. Darren Hiller – Offensive Line;
  2. Blake Rolan – Wide Receivers;
  3. Eddie Gran – Offensive Coordinator; and
  4. Darin Hinshaw – Quarterbacks.

Please note that these are just rumors.  Only a narrow number of people are truly in the know on next steps.  It’s entirely possible that all of them will retain their jobs.  Time will tell.

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