Cincinnati Bearcats Unveil Postseason Triangle Uniforms

If you were watching the win over SMU on Sunday, you may have noticed some slight differences in the black Under Armour uniforms worn by the team. These uniforms are similar to the black uniforms worn for the rest of the regular season with one key difference – MORE TRIANGLES!

The front of the jerseys and all black portions of the shorts are covered in transparent gray triangles, a nod to the Lindner Center we first saw with the new football uniforms. The so-called Cincinnati ArmourVent™ uniforms are lightweight and deliver true breathability in a light, stretchy, durable, fast-drying fabric.

The unis will be worn for the entire postseason when the Bearcats are the lower seed. We are assuming UC will wear the regular season white jerseys if they are a higher seed. Unlike in years past, Under Armour will not be embarrassing the Bearcats basketball team by forcing them to wear neon, camouflage, or retro shorts (with what appeared to be a kangaroo pouch to but snacks in). 

What do you think of the new UA design?

By Andy Smith

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