Meet Chipotle’s #1 Fan, the Bearcats’ Own – Tion Green

Senior running back and self-proclaimed Chipotle lover (double chicken, double steak FYI) Tion Green is one funny dude. On an average day at Camp Higher Ground he can be found untying Zach Edwards’ cleats during an interview. He then wore #4’s jersey while I interviewed him. Tion brings the fun to practice and he takes pride in being the best teammate and leader he can possibly be. It’s a surreal and bittersweet feeling having this be his last Camp Higher Ground experience.

On this day at camp, the smell of fried chicken and catfish is in the air after a long evening of practice in the heat of summer. However, the 240 lb. tank of a back must get down to 220 by week one so those delicious smells are off limits for now.

Florida born and raised, he misses his friends and family most. He is on track to graduate with his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice with a minor in health education in December.

Only time will tell how Tion and Mike Boone are used in the first year of new offensive coordinator Zac Taylor’s pro-style spread offense. Based on the practices and interviews held over the summer so far, Bearcats fans can anticipate more balance and a heavier dose of thunder and lightning running the ball.

And on a final note, Tion also told us about his biggest fear – the dark. He can’t go to sleep without the TV on. If you’re a UC supporter, be sure to give Mr. Green a nightlight for Christmas.

By Andy Smith

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