Because We Want to Do It Big in 2017, Bearcats Sports Radio Adds to Existing Arsenal with Video and Podcasting Coverage

Let me begin by saying something simple — thanks…

Thank you for continuing to read Bearcats Sports Radio articles and sharing them with your social networks. Thank you for the many kind things you’ve shared in person and online. I even thank some of you for occasional Twitter squabbles as a little conflict makes life more interesting.

When I launched the blog a couple summers ago, I was pretty clueless. I didn’t know anyone that worked in athletics, let alone UC athletics. I had no experience writing regular content about sports. Far from technically savvy (attorney by trade), Bearcats Sports Radio was the first website I’d ever built. Knowing my personal limitations, I launched anyway because I wanted to make a difference. 

I attended and graduated from UC’s College of Law while Brian Kelly was leading the Bearcats football program to national prominence. I love the University, its athletic programs and traditions, its architecture, its urban settting and proximity to downtown, and the student community. I launched anyway because I wanted to give back some of what I’d received from UC by doing things I love – writing, encouraging people, trying to make people laugh, and connecting people to each other and their community.

Despite the unflinchingly positive position I’ve maintained at times, the blog’s readership and impact continues to grow. Does negativity sell, especially on social media? Sure…but that’s not fun to me, doesn’t build the UC brand, and that won’t be BSR. I feel like most of you get it – sports, even Cincinnati’s version of hard-luck sports, are supposed to be a pasttime, a stress reliever, an avocation.

In addition to other growth metrics, the number of people that make Bearcats Sports Radio impactful to the UC community has increased. Andy Smith was the first person to help me after I labored by my lonesome for the first several months of BSR’s existence, and he’s been incredibly helpful ever since.  Andy is also an attorney with a hectic professional calendar, yet he manages to be an incredibly reliable writer, collaborator, and friend. 

From the UC student community, Taylor D’Ambrosia (Twitter: @taydamn21), Drew Woodworth (Twitter: @drew_bsr), and Meg Rutz (Twitter: @meg_bsr) have started to contribute in different ways, which makes the next big opportunity for the blog all the more possible.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But what about a podcast…or a video? I’ve long entertained the idea of podcasting/recording video content for the Bearcats faithful that frequent our humble website and social media accounts. Now that’s happening, as the video that follows demonstrates.

Ryan McCarty and Dan Meyer will be my arm candy for some, if not most, podcasts/episodes. It’s worth noting that two years ago Mr. McCarty authored a scintillating and un-prophetic Big12 article entitled “Get Your Hair Did Bearcat Nation – Prom May Be Right Around the Corner.” In his defense, no one was prophetic when it came to Big12 expansion.

Again, thank you for following along, interacting with me on social media (and at games and when you recognize me out and about). I’m grateful that you and the other members of the UC community and fan base are a big part of my life. Have a great start to your year and don’t hesitate to reach out online or in person. Go Bearcats!

By Brian Fox

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