Jaylyin Minor Helps Us Understand “Attention Training” 

​This week senior mike linebacker #33 Jaylin Minor sat down and helped us understand what it was like to go through Coach Fickell’s first week of offseason training, termed “Attention Training.”

In sum, this grueling, intense program began every day at 6 a.m. The players had no idea what the hour-long workout would entail, but they went nonstop for an hour doing exercises such as bear-crawls in the February snow, push-ups in ice, and army-rolls in mud. Players could not wear anything representing the Bearcat or UC logos.

Players were tested physically, but primarily this was meant to be a mental challenge. It’s safe to say Coach Fickell now has the team’s full attention.

The new strength and conditioning coach, Brady Collins, also implemented a program over winter focused on each player’s individual needs. Jaylin needed to work on his body fat and improve his diet. The custom-tailored program now has the mike linebacker in prime condition and his turf speed and reaction time have improved as a result. He feels like a totally different player this year.

Last year Minor played in 10 games as a backup linebacker and special teamer, racking up 29 tackles, two tackles for loss, and a forced fumble. As a senior, we expect Jaylin to get plenty more time controlling the middle of the field.

When he’s not in the weight room, you can find Mr. Minor fishing a nearby pond or lake with his best friend OL Korey Cunningham, AKA “Big Country.”

By Andy Smith

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