Driven Braniac and Steady Long Snapper – #61 Jon Vincent

Jon Vincent is a redshirt senior and the long snapper for the Cincinnati Bearcats.  He played his high school ball at Loveland before coming to Clifton.  Since he was a sophomore in high school, Vincent has always enjoyed science and found a passion for one day becoming a doctor to help others.   While shadowing different physicians, he found interest in the fields of pediatrics, surgery, and anesthesiology.

Jon finished last April with a neurobiology bachelor’s degree, and he is currently enrolled in a one-year executive MBA program at UC with several other doctors.  It’s safe to say he will be a very well-educated man when his time as a Bearcat ends.  He plans to go to medical school with redshirt senior Garrett Campbell beginning in the fall 2019 semester if everything goes according to plan.

When Vincent isn’t in the classroom or on the football field, he is spending time with the team or trying to catch up on sleep.

According to Jon, special teams practice under Coach Fickell is much more “chaotic.”  Punters and kickers face different formations and circumstances to adapt to real game scenarios rather than simply going through the motions under perfect conditions.  This is yet another common-sense example of the changes under Coach Fickell that should certainly translate to the field on Saturdays.  
 By Andy Smith

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