TG5 – WR Thomas Geddis and Joy

Enthusiasm. Not everyone has it, and very few can transform their enthusiasm into a contagion. Thomas Geddis does.

I first stumbled onto Thomas Geddis during last year's recruiting cycle. He was my favorite recruit from the 2016 class. Though his 40 yard dash was clocked at a 4.34 (and laser'd at 4.43), it wasn't his top-end speed that caught my eye. From Pompano Beach, Florida, he was a three star recruit, but his stars did not draw my attention. Instead, it was his jubilant spirit and sense of humor, on full display in this video.

Though it is difficult to train, culture often determines the success or failure of a team. Some talented teams underperform because the energy in the locker room is cancerous…even healthy players begin displaying symptoms. Players like Thomas Geddis are the antidote. Through their quick wit and joy, these culture warriors lighten tense moments and remind an entire team that they are playing a game, a sport.

Last season, Geddis managed to earn some real playing time towards the end of the season. Against Tulsa in the last game, he hauled in 3 catches for 104 yards and a touchdown. Coming into that game, Geddis was hardly a footnote on Tulsa's scouting report.

Thomas Geddis, the 5th, said he gets his outgoing sense of humor from his dad, Thomas Geddis, the 4th. TG5 said he grew up observing TG4 entertain, the clown of the family. TG5 looks to build on his success against Tulsa this year, to make opposing secondaries look silly.

Will this be TG5's breakout season? Today he told me hopes so. That's exactly what the Bearcats need this year at the WR position. Both Devin Gray and Kahlil Lewis return as presumptive number one and two options. But Hayden Moore (or Ross Trail) need more than two options. TG5 might just be the best third option.

By Brian Fox

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