Star Wars Aficionado and Movie Buff – #20 Carter Jacobs

Hailing from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, where it is currently 89 degrees and sunny on this dreary Monday morning at Camp Higher Ground, Carter Jacobs goes about his business as the most experienced safety on this year’s Bearcats squad.  He attended high school at American Heritage, where he was ranked a three-star defensive prospect.
Much like his business-like persona on the field, Carter just graduated with his bachelor’s degree in finance.  He is looking forward to hitting the reset button this year after an abysmal year by UC's football standard in 2016. The team was “down in the dumps” last December, but those days are long gone.
Jacobs is excited to experience the energy of Coach Fickell’s staff after attention training zapped everyone into focus.  Last week, the team lifted weights in the 100-degree bubble (while Fifth Third Arena is under construction). So far, every single day of camp has been different than last year.  Each day starts with a surprise drill.  We’ve already seen the Oklahoma drill to kick off the day.  Meeting rooms have been rearranged.  The players get to hear their music over the loudspeakers on the field.  New turf was installed.  The list of changes goes on and on.

Carter mentioned several freshman players are really grabbing people’s attention, including running back Michael Warren, II and linebacker Jarell White.
He has already learned a ton of new information under safeties coach Jon Tenuta, who has 35 seasons of college football coaching under his belt.  Carter hopes to absorb as much as he can and coach after his playing days are over.  After his senior year, Jacobs plans to return home to Florida to train for the next level, participate in pro days, and hopes to get a shot to play somewhere professionally.  
In his free time, Carter loves to watch movies. He is also well-known by his teammates for his passion for Star Wars, introduced to him by his dad while growing up.  Episode III is his favorite of the series, and Anakin Skywalker is his favorite character.  His apartment is decked-out in all things Star Wars, including a nightlight.  He would make George Lucas proud.  His most prized possession is his Luke Skywalker Episode IV replica lightsaber, prominently displayed in front of his TV.  And yes, there are very strict rules about the replica.

We hope to put together a Star Wars trivia contest this year to test Carter’s knowledge against his teammates, including tight end Tyler Cogswell.  Stay tuned!

By Andy Smith

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