Bearcats TE #83 Josiah Deguara Is Worth Rooting For

Full confession: I interviewed Josiah Deguara last summer before the season began and was never able to do anything with the interview…

You see, I used to be a professor in UC’s Business School and Josiah was enrolled in my Business Law course. I felt weird writing an article about someone I had to grade and see three times a week at 8:00 AM.

My busy law practice has prevented me from continuing as an adjunct professor, so now I’m free to write about any player — including Mr. Deguara.

Speaking of him, this season sets up as a potential break out season for Junior TE Deguara. He arrives at Camp Higher Ground the clear leader of his position group. He’s been getting reps almost exclusively with the first team, projected starters.

Last season he showed glints of athleticism and potential. While his receiving statistics weren’t necessarily impressive (11 catches for 98 yards), he proved himself an able blocker and serviceable receiver. During spring ball, Deguara had a couple of breakout moments and showed that he’s made big strides as a route runner and receiver. He combines a big frame and desire for contact, with quick feet and good hands.

Discussing this year’s camp (interview below), he mentioned his two goals of keeping the tight end group’s energy up (as the elder statesman), and helping the younger guys learn the playbook. Deguara wisely observed, “the less you have to think [about where you’re supposed to be on the field], the harder you play.”

This season, UC adds former LaSalle TE Josh Whyle to its rotation of tight ends. Whyle has seen plenty of action early this camp season, running mostly with the second team. The true freshman is proving to be a big target downfield. However, he’s new to the playbook and, therefore, frequently receives “suggestions” (read: yelling) from Offensive Coordinator Mike Denbrock. Knowing Josiah Deguara’s character and reputation, Whyle has an ideal upperclassman to help him adjust to the expectations and pace of college football.

The opening game at UCLA is particularly exciting for Deguara, who is from Folsom, California. He called the away opener a “dream come true” as he’s expecting lots of family members and friends to cheer for the Bearcats in the hostile confines of Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena.

You might be wondering whether Josiah passed my Business Law class. He did — with flying colors! I genuinely hope the fan base embraces Deguara this season because #83 is someone worth rooting for, on and off the field.

By Brian Fox

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