Self-Described Super Nerd, An Anchor on the O-Line – Kyle Trout

A former four-star recruit and the #17 tackle in the nation, Kyle Trout originally chose to play his collegiate football up I-71 North at the Ohio State University, having been recruited by Luke Fickell.  While in Columbus, he earned a bachelor’s degree in family resource management in just three years.  He also had the chance to be apart of the College Football Playoff game against Clemson his freshman year.

The hard-worker that he is, Kyle did not believe he was getting the playing time he deserved for the Buckeyes.  Having formed a very close relationship with Luke Fickell, when Coach Fickell joined the Bearcats, Trout felt seized the opportunity to follow him down I-71 South to Clifton and finish his two years of remaining eligibility.

At 6’ 6” and 310 pounds, Trout is a mountain of a man. Bustling with red hair and an overgrown beard – Kyle is a perfect character for Game of Thrones. Often teased by his teammates and coaches for his rugged appearance, Kyle has – very fittingly – vowed to not shave his beard or cut his hair during the 2018-2019 football campaign.  Having a great personality, Kyle rolls with the jokes, and is one of the role models on this year’s squad.

When I shook his hand engulfed in sweat from a hot, tough day of practice on Monday, my right hand completely disappeared inside his lineman glove for about five seconds, only to return when he released his grip.

When asked to tell a funny story or share a memory about Mr. Trout, Coach Fickell laughed to himself and responded, “We better keep those to ourselves – too many to remember from high school.”  Having known Kyle since he was a junior in high school in Lancaster, I am sure Coach has loads of funny tales stuck down in his back pocket.  Having watched my video interview of Trout, Coach Fickell stated “we better have some Photo Shop to fix that video.”

This will be Kyle’s second dose of Camp Higher Ground.  After practice, Trout remarked “It’s a lot different than the five-star hotels we stayed at while at OSU training camp.”  Indeed, CHG is very unique, taking place is rural West Harrison, Indiana at a conference center in the middle of the woods.

Away from the hustle and bustle of campus, CPH has been a trademark of many UC coaches before Luke Fickell. Having revamped the practice field stationed next to the cafeteria and locker room with a bright red beautiful C-paw, I think it’s safe to say Camp Higher Ground is here to stay.  A pillar of UC football to go hand-in-hand with Nippert Stadium.  And after spending some time with Kyle Trout, I can assure you Camp Higher Ground is much more his style compared to some fancy, overpriced hotel.

Kyle’s main goal for this season is to not give up a sack.  He is also looking forward to traveling to UCLA to open the year against UCLA in the football landmark, known as the Rose Bowl.

When he’s not protecting quarterbacks, Trout enjoys to build computers and play video games.  When asked about his hobbies, Kyle’s face lit up, beaming with a smile, you could tell how excited Kyle is to get back to Clifton and play his new Overlook video game after Camp ends on August 22nd.

By Andy Smith

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