#14 Cameron Jefferies – A Prodigy at Corner and in the Classroom

A new name to the football squad this year is Cameron Jefferies.  He spent his first two seasons up north at Bowling Green State University, where he was coached by Mike Mickens.  In only two years at BGSU, Cam earned his bachelor’s degree in marketing and supply chain management while also starting at corner for the Falcons on an opportunistic secondary.  In his words, “he learned a lot” and “enjoyed the experience at Bowling Green.”

Last year Mike Mickens left BG to take the same coaching position here in Clifton at his alma mater, and Jefferies followed suit.  As a grad transfer student, he decided to transfer to UC and play immediately this season and next year.  With a need for cornerbacks, the three-and-a-half-hour drive down I-75 South was a perfect fit for #14.

Like Cameron, I also graduated from BGSU in two years.  We reminisced about the BG campus located in the middle of a cornfield. Only a Walmart, a Meijer’s, and a handful of restaurants in sight.  If you want a new pair of pants, enjoy driving 30 minutes away to the closest mall in Toledo.  Needless to say, the change from rural BGSU to a vibrant, bustling UC campus was much-needed for both of us.  I enrolled at UC Law School.  Cam enrolled in a master’s program to earn another marketing degree.

You may be wondering how Cam was able to graduate college so quickly.  Any high school student in Ohio, including those at the Cleveland area school Riverside High School where Cam attended, can enroll in post-secondary.  This means Cam was able to attend college classes at a local college and earn college credit free of charge.  Jefferies enrolled part-time his junior year and transitioned to full-time his senior year.

He ended up accumulating over 30 hours of college credit before graduating high school. All of this on top of lettering in football, basketball, and track.  Cam played numerous positions on offense and defense and earned a three-star recruit ranking.

While other kids were busy playing Candy Crush and liking pictures on Instagram, Cam had a full plate of academics and athletics. Naturally, he continued working tremendously hard in college.  Playing D1 football in and of itself is a full-time job.  But Cam also took over 18 credit hours of classes, including a final 21-credit hour summer session to quickly exit BGSU and earn his degree.

Cam is not wasting any time.  He may potentially earn three degrees before his college eligibility ends.  He still finds time to hangout with his teammates and play Madden and watch movies somehow.  Jefferies really hasn’t had a chance to experience all of the restaurants around town, having just finished three weeks of Camp Higher Ground after arriving to Clifton.

Cam played in the UCLA season opener and racked up three tackles.  His first time in California, he relished the experience of a lifetime playing in the Rose Bowl.  “We want rings,” he said in response when asked about season goals.

We are still waiting on his opinion of Skyline. However, suffice it to say, Jefferies is and will continue to be a highly successful person both in the classroom and on the football field.

By Andy Smith

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