Diners, Drive-Ins, and Tight Ends: Food Critic and La Salle Product Josh Whyle

Standing at 6’ 7” and 233 lbs., redshirt freshman tight end Josh Whyle is built to play football. During practice today he literally ran over two defensive backs after catching a short pass. His mother wanted a UC football jersey before Josh came to campus. She got a #81 jersey, and he’s been stuck with the number ever since.

Having fractured his collarbone last year during practice, Whyle was hampered and had to sit out most of the season, playing four games. His favorite memories last year include the opening kickoff of the UCF game in the Bounce House and winning the Military Bowl against Virginia Tech.

Josh was a top-10 tight end in his recruiting class. He could have played at Auburn, Georgia, Louisville, Tennessee, or Wisconsin. He chose to stay local. A product of La Salle High School, Josh had a stellar high school career. Located just 10 minutes away from Clifton, linebacker Jarell White also attended La Salle.

Whyle also has an older brother at UC. His entire family can watch Josh play his college games, and he can still make it home for dinner with the parents whenever he wants. In his words, “UC is in his backyard” and “the coaches truly care about his development.” The Bearcats are certainly happy to have him – one of the stars of his recruiting class.

He has yet to declare a major, though he’s toying with the idea of communications or criminal justice. Whyle has a 3.5 GPA. Nothing but A’s and B’s in the class room for this guy. Josh is very close with the tight end position group on and off the field.

In his spare time, Josh enjoys co-hosting J&D Food Review. Be sure to follow @JDsizzleyum on Twitter. Guy Fieri watch out. Whyle is of course a Skyline guy. His go-to order is a large three way, a chilito with spaghetti, and a cheese coney. He is also a fan of fishing, playing cornhole, skiing, and snowboarding.

The tight end group this year is absolutely stacked. Behind starter Josiah Deguara, we should see plenty of #81 Josh Whyle on special teams and offense. Also, don’t be surprised if you see a proud mom wearing the same number on Nippert’s bleachers.

By Andy Smith

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