Coach Luke Fickell Responds to Entreaty for Cage Match against Jim Harbaugh

At the tail end of last night’s press conference at Camp Higher Ground, a veteran reporter asked University of Cincinnati Head Coach Luke Fickell whether he’d be willing to fight University of Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh in a cage match…for charity, of course. Here’s a link to a short clip capturing his humorous reaction.

All of this was, of course, in response to Justin Williams’ excellent article detailing the Wolverine-shenanigans surrounding James Hudson’s NCAA waiver application. What’s become crystal clear is that, for whatever reason, Jim Harbaugh was not supportive of James Hudson’s waiver to play this season for the Bearcats without sitting a year. What’s also become clear is that Harbaugh’s behavior in this case was unique from how he’s treated other transfers. However, what’s not entirely clear is why…

Is it sour grapes because James Hudson was going to be Michigan’s starting left tackle? Is it Coach Fickell’s lengthy relationship with Ohio State University and Harbaugh’s frustration with his performance against the Buckeyes (0-4)? It’s worth noting that Jim Harbaugh is the only University of Michigan coach to lose his first four starts against Ohio State. Or is it just that Jim Harbaugh doesn’t believe college athletes, like the rest of the human population, occasionally confront mental health issues?

Regardless of his motivations, Jim Harbaugh exits this saga appearing very small. If Fickell and Harbaugh did enter the ring, I’m convinced Coach Luke would make quick work of the bespectacled Harbaugh. And I’m not alone…

By Brian Fox

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