Local Blogger Hopes the UCF Knights Have a Dark Night in Nippert Stadium Friday Night

Hello, my name is Brian and I am that local blogger. I really hope the Bearcats pull it off Friday evening. I know, I know – more biased journalism.

Candidly, I was looking for a convenient way to provide you with links to everything relevant for the festivities to occur Friday night. Hence the bad pun in the article title and now for the information…

Andy’s Shameful Prediction

On or about October 3, Bearcats Sports Radio published an article linked here. In that article, University of Cincinnati-Sports-Columnist Andy Smith predicted a loss. While I’m disappointed by his erroneous belief (and somewhat ashamed by my proximity to such a prediction), the rest of his article contained helpful information for you, our highly valued readers.

Andy is seated left of local blogger.

Hot Minute Pod – Episode 08

On or about a day ago, Episode 08 – “UCF Lurks…Black Turf Trolls” of the Hot Minute Pod was published. You may consume that wherever you prefer to consume podcasts. Here’s a link: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-bearcats-sports-radio-hot-minute/id1476643509?i=1000452114985.

If you don’t use Apple Podcasts, just search for “Bearcats Sports Radio” and you should be able to locate it without issue.

The Knightline Sports Network

On or about Wednesday evening, I appeared (vocally) on a UCF podcast for The Knightline Sports Network, linked here: https://soundcloud.com/knightline-podcast/knightline-extra-ucf-vs-cincinnati-2019-preview. Or, if you prefer, here’s a link to the Tweet.

I enjoyed the conversation. The host was knowledgeable and it was interesting to learn a little more about UCF’s team, the Scott Frost departure to Nebraska (Bearcats fans can empathize with losing coaches), and his appraisal of UCF’s season.

Also, I compared the black turf stunt/hoax/controversy to IHOP’s much-discussed rebrand to “IHOB.” I think the analogy works, though there are obvious differences.

WCPO’s Sports of All Sorts

Lastly, on or about Sunday evening, I will be a guest on ABC/WCPO’s Sports of All Sorts television program. Set your DVRs or stay up and watch it live. The show will air this Sunday night at 11:30 PM. In addition to the UCF game result, I will discuss California’s recent legislative enactment concerning pay for student athletes and explore the legal implications forward.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you dressed in black! The weather is supposed to be crisp and autumnal! Go Bearcats!

By Brian Fox

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