AD White Smoke Watch – Athletic Director Update Monday Night

According to numerous news reports last Friday and over the weekend, University of Cincinnati Athletic Director Mike Bohn is supposed to be named as the next AD at the University of Southern California, replacing Lynn Swan. That formal announcement was expected to come from the Trojans today, yet no press conference has occurred and no news release has been issued.

It is now well past close of business on the west coast and not a peep. Likewise, the University of Cincinnati has said nothing. Technically, I guess Mike Bohn is still the Bearcats’ athletic director until…well, nobody knows.

Bohn’s “to-be-hired” status set off a firestorm of articles speculating on why he was selected instead of other candidates. Many media outlets focused on his relationship with Coach Luke Fickell or his familiarity with Urban Meyer (as his son, Nate Meyer, plays for UC Coach Scott Googin’s baseball squad). This much is clear, Bohn appears to be the target of USC’s AD search because of his experience landing high caliber coaching candidates (e.g., Luke Fickell (football), Scott Googins (baseball), Michelle Clark-Heard (women’s basketball), and John Brannen (men’s basketball)).

A USC football team mired in mediocrity at 5-4, the Trojans will probably replace Clay Helton at least by the end of this season, if not much sooner. On Saturday, Oregon escorted the Trojans on a 32 point trip to the woodshed…at home. Big yikes!

So, is the Bearcats’ current head coach the target? Is Urban Meyer the target? Has something surfaced to complicate USC’s hiring of Mike Bohn? What is the hold up? And how long will UC’s athletic department remain in a holding pattern?

Folks, unfortunately I have lots of questions and not many answers at the time of this writing. As of 10:00 PM EST on November 4th, we remain, affectionately, in the Bohn Zone…

By Brian Fox

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