Bohn Watch 2K19 Enters Day 5

Well, as of last night, the update was…crickets. As I described, many major media outlets reported that University of Cincinnati Athletic Director Mike Bohn was “set to be announced” as the next athletic director at the University of Southern California on Monday, November 4th.

This morning (November 5th), the USC rumor mill was awake early and serving up scoops about a possible wrinkle in Mike Bohn’s hiring at USC. According to this article, Bohn may be uncomfortable transitioning to the west coast after learning that University of Southern California President Carol Folt would prevent him from hiring Urban Meyer as the Trojan’s next football coach. Ordinarily I wouldn’t share such wanton and reckless speculation, but (i) that’s all there is at this point, and (ii) the report came from Scott Wolf.

Who is Scott Wolf? He is a sports writer for the Los Angeles Daily News and the only sportswriter in Los Angeles with a vote in the Associated Press College Football poll. And he is an alumnus of USC. Sounds reliable enough…

While it’s difficult to divine truth from mere speculation, I am just relieved the rumor involves a different former Ohio State football coach and not my favorite college football coach, Luke Fickell.

By Brian Fox

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