The Historic Drought Continues: Xavier University Remains Winless in Regional Final Games of the NCAA Tournament

The Sun rises and sets. The tides come in and then go out. Each year, the Earth completes its annual pilgrimage orbitting the Sun.

Yet another year has passed without the Xavier University Musketeers appearing in the Final Four of the NCAA Tournament. In the school’s 188 year history, Xavier University features zero (0) Regional Final victories. Not one. In other words, the school is utterly winless in that round of competition.

Situated in nearby Norwood, Ohio, about five miles north of Cincinnati, around 7,127 students attend classes across the 190 acre Xavier University campus. The school features an endowment of approximately $169 million, and Xavier has spent significantly on athletics, continually renovating the Cintas Center to improve the school’s attractiveness to recruits and fans alike.

Despite that, Xavier University has yet to make even one appearance in the Final Four…or graduate a single President of the United States.

By Brian Fox

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