And Here We Go, Bearcats!

Luke Fickell’s Bearcats’ unassailable march to this season’s College Football Playoff begins today at 12:05. Eastern. Standard. Time.

“You’re over your skis, Brian,” some might criticize. “Why do you do this to yourself every year, Brian,” others inquire. “Don’t you think you’re setting your expectations a bit too high?”

Answering in an unfortunately straightforward manner – I cannot shake my optimism. My enthusiasm is pervasive and incurable. I am terminally sick with hope (and joy). Often I wish I could rid myself of this trait. But not this year, babayyyyyy!

Now for some more restrained details and tidbits…

Forecast for this season’s dominance notwithstanding, the University of Cincinnati Bearcats football team begins the season ranked 13th and will face down the Austin Peay Governors inside the historic confines of Nippert Stadium. This, the first game of the Bearcats’ College Football Playoff campaign, will be televised by ESPN+. By kickoff, the weather looks to be sunny and crisp, an autumnal 63 degrees.

You can access the game on any streaming device with the ESPN app and sign up for an ESPN+ subscription ($5.99 per month/$49.99 per year), which can be canceled at any time (hypothetically, right after the game concludes if that’s your pleasure). You can also listen to the game on 700 WLW AM or on the iHeartRadio App.

The TV Announcers are David Saltzman and Keith Moreland. Handling radio duties for the Bearcats, as always, is the inimitable crew of Dan Hoard, Jim Kelly, and Mo Egger.

Bottom line – LET’S GO BEARCATS!

By Commodore Brian Fox, Esquire

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